At DT Engineering, we get engineering at its core. We understand engineering fundamentals as they apply to product development, which is why we’re the best at what we do. We are able to identify and address mechanical issues at the beginning of the product development cycle, long before they become critical problems, saving both time and money for our clients. Our expertise in mechanical engineering gives us confidence that we will design your product correctly the first time.


Industrial design is a step often overlooked in the product development process, but it is one of the most crucial elements of successful products. Industrial designers are responsible for the usability, ergonomics, human factors, and aesthetics of your product. We believe that mechanical engineers and industrial designers should work together to deliver a product that both works and creates an overall great user experience. This is why we stress the importance of engaging our industrial designer at the beginning of your project.


We partner with some of the best electrical engineers in the field. Many products we design involve electrical hardware development, PCB design and schematics, software development, and electrical testing. If your product requires electrical engineering, we can manage this for you.


One of the most critical steps in our product development process is performing detailed analysis upfront to make sure our designs work the first time. We can also jump into existing projects to help you with your analysis needs. Our analysis expertise includes:

• Thermal/Flow
• Structural
• Tolerance
• EMI/RFI containment


Rapid prototyping allows our clients to validate fit and function, demonstrate their products for investors or trade shows, or even deliver low-volume production. We have a 3D printer in house, and we have access through our partners to all the latest rapid prototyping technologies.

• Additive manufacturing (SLS, FDM, SLA)
• Rapid RTV Molding
• Sheet Metal


We select the most appropriate fabrication process for each part and can manage our domestic or overseas manufacturing partners to deliver economical and high quality parts on schedule.

We have expertise across a broad range of fabrication processes that includes:
• CNC machining
• Hard and soft tooled sheet metal
• Injection molding
• Sintered metal


We create a detailed test and evaluation plan for your prototypes to ensure the integrity, durability, and overall quality of your product.

• Thermal
• Operational
• Storage
• Shock and vibration
• Shipping
• End-use


Concept Development

Mechanical engineering and industrial design are fused together to create a robust concept.

  • Design project plan, schedule, and budget
  • Architecture development:
    • Key functional requirements
    • Operating enivronment
    • Target market
    • Human factors
    • Cost
    • Aesthetics
    • Company values/branding
  • Thermal, structural and tolerance analysis

Production Prototype

Create assemblies and parts using production processes and tooling

  • Revise design based on prototype evaluation outcome
  • Coordinate overseas suppliers
  • Custom test plan


Detailed design, fabrication, assembly, and testing of all parts using prototype fabrication processes.

  • Detailed mechanical engineering and design of all custom assemblies and parts
  • Tolerance analysis
  • Interface with electrical design
  • Coordinate domestic suppliers
  • Quoting and purchasing management
  • Custom test plan:
    • Shock and vibration
    • Thermal testing
    • EMI/RFI
    • Conducted emissions
    • ESD
    • Functional testing
  • Safety evaluation (UL, CE, CUL, etc.)
  • In-house 3D printing
  • Electrical and software engineering support


Produce and ship product in volume

  • On-site visits to overseas suppliers
  • Coordinate shipping methods
  • Final project review