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on-board Cycling cooling system

As an avid long distance road cyclist, David Carrozza was accustomed to drenching himself with a water bottle to keep cool during rides in the hot, dry Sacramento climate. Tired of the inconvenience and ineffectiveness of this method, he brainstormed an idea for a spray bottle to attach to the bike handle, delivering the perfect stream of water – just enough to have the right cooling effect.


David began the Spruzza project with a different engineering company, but was not receiving his desired results. The 3D data was incomplete and not set up to be mass produced. David’s industrial design firm referred him to DT Engineering to help solve these issues, and they quickly stepped into the project midstream. Not wanting to lose any time, David Carrozza was feeling nervous about completing Spruzza.

David recalled the moment when he knew his project was in good hands. During his initial meeting with DT Engineering, Dave Tostenson reassured him, “We finish what we start.”


DT Engineering designed a pump to fit into the existing product; off-the-shelf pumps would neither fit into the form factor, nor were they reliable enough. Next, they cleaned up the 3D CAD data, conducted lab tests, and noted correlations between geometry and spray patterns. They also created the specifications for the rubber O-ring, performed tolerance analyses, and ensured proper fit of each part. Additionally, the engineers added “snap fit” features so the two enclosure halves fit together easily, making the product assembly both simple and affordable.

Throughout the design process, DT Engineering worked closely with the manufacturers to guarantee the parts were built correctly. The blow-molded reservoir was sourced in China through Advanced Metal Solutions, and DT Engineering helped to manage the progress every step of the way.

The pump performance, robustness of the mechanical design, and overall integrity of the data used to make the parts for Spruzza met David's approval. Excitement for the new product is already buzzing, and Spruzza will be on the shelves soon.

What We Are

DT Engineering Associates is an engineering consulting firm that focuses on product and equipment development. We have over thirty years of product development experience in the areas of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and industrial design. We take pride in our ability to solve difficult engineering and design problems, getting it right the first time.


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