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Smokin Groven - The Revolutionary Smoker + Grill + Oven

DT Engineering designs across a broad spectrum of industries, and the project for their client, Jim Blomberg, was no exception. For the first time, DT Engineering ventured into the culinary world when they were asked to help engineer the Smokin' Groven – the 850 lb. ultimate smoker/grill/oven trio.


When Jim initially met with DT, he had a complete unit of the Smokin' Groven. However, it was welded, making it difficult to put together. Additionally, his CAD models were incomplete and overall lacking in quality.

To solve these problems and to make the Smokin' Groven production-ready, DT Engineering used advanced tolerance technology to ensure the unit would fit together perfectly every time, without compromising aesthetics. Changing the Smokin' Groven from a welded assembly to a screw assembly made it easier to assemble and ready for production. Additionally, the new design is self-fixturing, so no fixture tooling is required.

The castors, or wheels, on the original Smokin' Groven design were both too narrow and spaced too closely together. After performing a series of tip-over analyses, the engineers determined the center of gravity (CG) for optimal spacing, and specced sturdy, 8” locking castors that would hold up under load requirements.


DT Engineering not only performed a series of analyses on the Smokin' Groven, they also cleaned up the CAD models and provided Jim with a complete drawing package. Throughout the process, Jim had multiple visions and directions for the Smokin Groven, and DT was able to accommodate and implement every design change required. One of the main design changes was adding a handle to the oven door, which made it both more user-friendly and aesthetically appealing.

Once all design alterations were complete, DT Engineering worked with B&J, a Nevada-based sheet metal company, to manufacture the Smokin' Groven parts.

Features of the Smokin' Groven include a fully insulated cook chamber, five cooking levels, four adjustable heat diverters, a right angle log grate, and a removable grease tray.

Recently, Jim and the Smokin' Groven were featured on the local morning news. Click here for the full news report.


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