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Click Bond Inc. Aviation Cabling Brackets

Although DT Engineering is a leading product development firm, the company is also expert in engineering analysis. DT Engineering was contacted by Click Bond, a company that provides advanced fastening solutions for major aircraft manufacturers like Boeing, Airbus, Lockheed Martin, and others. Click Bond desired analysis of 30 different custom brackets used to hold hydraulic and electrical lines within aircraft. DT Engineering played a critical role in determining the structural integrity of these brackets, and where necessary, modifying the designs to meet the bracket specifications.


When DT Engineering started their analysis, they discovered that not all the brackets met the design specifications. Using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) tools, the engineers determined how to make the brackets strong enough to meet Click Bond’s standards. These analyses were quite challenging due to conflicting requirements – the brackets had to be designed to work structurally, and had to simultaneously fit within strict weight, size, and overall geometric constraints.


Because Click Bond was in flux with the design specifications set by their customer, DT Engineering showcased their ability to be flexible and agile with the changing requirements. For example, the customer initially specified loading requirements of force at various locations on the brackets. DT Engineering analyzed and corrected the designs based on this spec. Shortly after, the requirement changed. Needing to act quickly to meet deadlines with no room for error, the engineers quickly reanalyzed and modified the designs creatively to meet the new requirements. After the analyses and necessary design changes were complete, the brackets were tooled and tested to ensure that the math was done correctly. The testing results were consistent with what analyses showed regarding the strength of the parts. The analysis and design modifications provided by DT Engineering enabled Click Bond to complete the brackets on schedule per the design requirements.

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DT Engineering Associates is an engineering consulting firm that focuses on product and equipment development. We have over thirty years of product development experience in the areas of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and industrial design. We take pride in our ability to solve difficult engineering and design problems, getting it right the first time.


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