AJA Cion

AJA CION 4K/UHD and 2K HD Production Camera

AJA Video Systems approached DT Engineering with a very special request. As a company that is known for their digital video products, AJA took the leap to design their very first high-definition camera. Honored to be a part of this huge step for the company, DT Engineering gladly accepted the project proposal.


Early in the project, DT Engineering and AJA worked with Y Studios, an industrial design company, to identify any engineering issues based on the aesthetics of the camera. For example, the design needed to allow appropriate airflow and accommodate fan size to ensure proper cooling and functioning. DT Engineering also identified manufacturing technologies, such as materials and processes, so the industrial designer could understand the camera's limitations.

Next, DT Engineering tackled the engineering issues. The engineers devised a way to cool the electronics inside the camera, determined structure and strength, and worked within the limitations required by the FCC in terms of EMI and RFI.


Once the engineering issues were understood and solved, DT Engineering began mechanically desiging all 80 custom parts for CION. Collaborating with AJA's electronic engineering team ensured that the parts worked together and the system functioned both properly and efficiently.

Additionally, DT Engineering coordinated all the suppliers needed to build CION. In total, the camera consists of 11 different fabrication technologies - sheet metal, CNC, wood, plastic, magnesium die cast, aluminum extrusion, mold injected plastic, rubber, and leather. AMS, DT Engineering's main overseas supplier, manufactured a majority of the parts for CION.

Working with tolerances to guarantee all the camera's parts worked and assembled together correctly posed a challenge during CION's design process. Creating the backfocus and columniation features and working within the limits of the FCC for noise guidelines were also tough, and presented issues with the cooling system. With creativity and innovation, DT Engineering solved each obstacle encountered - CION worked flawlessly upon first assembly.

A year and a half of DT Engineering's hard work paid off. During the 2014 National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show, CION created a lot of buzz for AJA. The camera received incredible feedback, cited as one of the leading products at the trade show.


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